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From: “Gary Mongiovi” Date: November 6, 2006 6:29:23 PM EST To: Subject: RE: [lbo-talk] Borat

I’d just like to second Carl’s endorsement of “Harold & Kumar Go to
White Castle,” a real gem of a comedy. I enjoyed Borat immensely, but
Borat himself is just a schtick, not a genuine character, so the
movie wasn’t altogether satifying as a story about a person.
(Granted, the schtick is hilarious.)

I wonder if anyone on the list caught Bobcat Goldthwait’s “Sleeping
Dogs Lie,” which got pretty good reviews but had only a brief, and
surely unprofitable, run here in New York. I saw it in an almost
empty theater, which is a shame because it’s smart, funny and sweet– not what you’d expect from Godthwaith if all you know is his annoying
hyperactive standup persona. (His “Shakes the Clown” is a personal
favorite of mine; it is, as the video box says, “The Citizen Kane of
alcoholic clown movies”.)


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