how Freakonomics is ruining the dismal science

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  1. Carnival of Links « Chicago, Athens, and Jerusalem Says:

    […] 6. At Marginal Revolution, Alex Tabarrok and Tyler Cowen defend fellow economist Steven Levitt against Noam Scheiber’s charges (subscriber only) that “Freakonomics is ruining the dismal science”. Subscribers to The Economist can read more about instrumental variables here. MAJOR UPDATES: A full version of the article has been reprinted (legally?) here. Harvard economist Greg Mankiw weighs in here. Cowen adds more, and points to Joshua Angrist’s piece. Most importantly, Professor Levitt defends himself on his Freakonomics Blog.  A glance through the entire Scheiber piece reveals several glaring factual inaccuracies. In particular, the following assertion is blatantly false: “Chicago had never been an ideal place to do empirical work. Nobel Prizewinning theorists like Gary Becker and Robert Lucas disliked dirtying their hands with data.” More on this later… […]

  2. Andrew Leigh » Blog Archive » Levitt Strikes Back Says:

    […] Steven Levitt is one of the most genteel members of the economics profession, so it requires quite some provocation to get him going. But an article in the New Republic by Noam Scheiber suggesting that Levitt is ‘ruining’ economics seems to have done just that. […]

  3. Pablo Grossi Says:

    Freaks and Geeks by Noam Scheiber

    [full text of article removed]

  4. Can research be both relevant and fun? « The Phineas Gage Fan Club Says:

    […] Can research be both relevant and fun? Posted in Cognition, Economics by Johan on the April 29th, 2007 While most science bloggers were up in arms over Shelley’s successful campaign against Wiley, a bit of controversy has been stirring up over in economics. (I had no idea I was interested in economics, but judging by the amount of blogging that I’ve done on it, I am. Go figure) Noam Scheiber wrote an article in New Republic, subtly titled How Freakonomics is Ruining the Dismal Science. The article has now found its way online, thanks to a blogger who almost certainly is in violation of fair use, unlike the Retrospectacle head honcho. […]

  5. Joe Blow Says:

    Here’s a google search that finds other copies

  6. Noam Says:

    Here’s a nicer copy from the University of Chicago News office.

  7. is steve levitt ruining economics? « this is the sound of chen talking to herself Says:

    […] April 26th, 2007 in EVERYTHING Doug Henwood Talks how Freakonomics is ruining the dismal science and levitt’s […]

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